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  1. Use PROPLUGS always when exposed to the wind and water and you can avoid a costly ($3000) operation and lost time out of the water.
  2. When you have the sensation of water in your ear canal, it probably is a drop hanging up outside the hole in the PROPLUG. Simply apply gentle pressure to the PROPLUG and when the drop falls off, you will suddenly hear clearly.
  3. If water hangs up in the ear canal after a surf or swim, try diluting its surface tension by instilling 2 or 3 drops of alcohol (95%) so the water can break loose and run out. Beware of sensitive skin. If alcohol hurts, see a doctor. Do not penetrate with cotton-tipped sticks.
  4. Persistent deafness, pain or drainage should prompt you to consult a physician.
  5. Surfers and swimmers should adapt to hats to keep ears and head warm. Remember, surfers, hard hats help protect the only bone containing brains.
  6. Proplugs help prevent ruptured eardrums encountered in impacts of waterskiing, water polo and diving from heights. Doc Scott's protective earplugs are recommended for all outdoor people: surfers, windsurfers, kayakers, swimmers, divers (both springboard and undersea), sailors, joggers, bikers, skiers, skaters and spectators.
  7. Musicians, with a properly fitted set of vented Doc's Proplugs, you can protect against high-frequency hearing loss when exposed to moderately loud music on stage, in concerts and in nite clubs. Proplugs are also useful at car and motorcycle races, for driver, pit crew and spectators.